Friday, August 20, 2010

Part of my dog's fur is missing.. HELP :(?


I own a 6month/ half old pomeranian.

I recently found out part of her skin is missing on her leg.. it's about 3 CM wide. Located on her left leg, right above her ankle.

This problem was spotted by my mom's good eye 2 weeks ago. She told me that part of her fur was missing.. I looked and I had no idea what she was talking about clearly I couldn't see. I just recently went out with my dog for a walk.. (there is still snow).. and I came home washed her hands from the dirt and noticed a BIG FAT MISSING FUR ON HER SKIN. The skin is vibrant red (probably cause of the snow) and I don't know what to do. We don't have other animals in this house. She's only been eating dog food. She has no access to other dogs/ animals. I can't go to the vet ATM! Because my parents are out of town. What should I do? Should I just put a clean cloth nd wrap it? Has anyone else has this problem before? She keeps licking it. Note she doesn't bite her paw much

Part of my dog's fur is missing.. HELP :(?
put some antibacterial cream on the patch of skin after washing it with some warm water and is probably skin allergies, and you might have to change the dog food...once your parents are back in town, you really should have her checked by the vet just to be sure

EDIT: also, put a sock over her leg so she can't bite it, or if that's too big, wrap it with one of those cloth bandages and use a safety pin or something to pin it together (make sure she can't open the safety pin though!)
Reply:1 word: RINGWORM!!!
Reply:It sounds like your dog has a Hot Spot. Take your dog to the vet so that he can give her an allegery shot, and so that he can put some Neo Powder on it. Try not to let her continue licking it. That is not going to help it.

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