Thursday, July 22, 2010

Having problems with Frontline Plus and my dog?

Every month we apply Frontline Plus on my dog's skin. And every month he reacts the same way. He will not come near me for the rest of the day. And then he is leery of me for a few days after that if I am holding something (like this morning I was holding a small tube of lotion and he ran away from me). He doesn't sleep well the night we give it to him. He keeps rubbing on the carpet and furniture. He just seems soooo miserable. I have no idea what is going on.

We give them exact same stuff to our other dog and she is fine. She rubs on the carpet %26amp; furniture at first too but that's it.

It's hard to get close to him, but from what I can tell, there's nothing going on with his skin in the spot I put it in. The hair doesn't fall out or anything like that.

Does anyone else have a dog who reacts like this?

Having problems with Frontline Plus and my dog?
The Frontline Plus last up to 3 months for fleas but only 1 month for ticks, so that's why they recommend using it every month especially in the summer. In the wintertime you can use it less often, b/c ticks aren't so prevalent. The best thing to do is maybe try another brand but Frontline is the best for fleas and ticks out there, so good luck.
Reply:No dogs are the same. Probably it's something in the composition of this product that upsets your dog.

I will suggest to you to change the brand. Make it if possible a relaxed time, give him some yummy treat or play with him a lot after wards.

Lots of patience, loving and fondling...and praise your dog a lot whenever he does something that you want him to do.

Good luck!

Another point, why do you dose him so often? This brand has a long lasting effect..10-12 weeks( more in the winter months), are you in an area that has a flea infestation?
Reply:you have to get the dog to asocate getting frontline with getting food or positive things. How do you apply it, if it is tromatising they will remember it being that way. Have you talked to vet about this, it could have a burning sensation that you can't see, they might be able to shed some light on this. Make sure you use something thou, it's been the worst year for ticks and my dog who was wearing frontline had a tick by her eyes. The vet said they don't produce a lot of oils there and can get ticks if you don't watch it.
Reply:My cat reacts similarly, as if I had poured poison on him (which I guess technically I did). Animals can be just as sensitive to toxic chemicals as people are.

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